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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.    How often should I tune my piano?
A.     At least one tuning per year. 

Q.    Is my piano un-tunable and or damaged as a result of            not having it tuned in 10, 20, years or more? 
A.     It may have damaged your ears, but the piano is probably            fine. The pitch will likely  be extremely flat.  The piano                typically needs a Pitch Raise and a follow up re-tuning
         in one month.  Then an annual tuning will maintain
         the pitch at A-440.

Q.     What is a pitch raise?  
A.     It's a rough tuning to return the piano to A440  Concert

Q.      Is it necessary to tune my piano at A440 Concert Pitch?
A.      No. Recommended, but not necessary.

Do you use a machine or tune by ear?
A.      I'll use either depending on the piano's tuning history,
          the manufacturer,  and other  variables. 

Q.     Can you come tune my piano today or tomorrow?
A.      Never hurts to ask but, probably not.  My schedule
          is typically filled for a week or two in advance.
          I do have a list of qualified tuners on hand if  I cannot
          get to you immediately.  You may also try PTG.ORG
          to find a qualified piano technician